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RSS Content Generator can automatically download new RSS feeds
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RSS Content Generator is a great program that generates high-quality and complete websites that will be easily indexed on search engines for you to generate profit. The program works by fetching headlines plus their descriptions and photos from your favorite RSS feeds or from hundreds of well-organized feed URLs that come with the program. It has 16 ready-made templates for displaying your news and the ability to edit or create new ones.

The generated contents are not ripped and comply with most fair usage policies as the original sources' links will be always mentioned. You may think that your websites will shortly become useless because their contents will get outdated, but don't worry, as you will be able to easily update them with the latest news feeds thanks to the "Scheduled Mode" feature of the program.

The interface is very customizable; it enables you to easily add/edit /remove categories and add/remove columns. The program doesn't have any additional interface languages, however, it is still multilingual, as you can add or edit your own languages manually via the "Localization" feature.

The program can work from behind normal or password-protected proxy servers and has an internal log viewer to trace all the fetching processes.

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